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The Other Symptoms They Don’t Tell You About


The Paill Spectrum model also states that a depressed patient who is not treated effectively for Paill Spectrum depression , will experience other symptoms that are currently not thought to be associated with depression.
Strange thoughts and beliefs and memory loss are basic examples. 

Other more complex symptoms include unknown disorders such as Process Sequencing Disorder, Thought Association deterioration, Dyslexia (in younger affected patients), and psychosis.


Paill Spectrum Depression makes many people into "basket" or "trolley" cases, as their life begins to fall apart. They stop looking after themselves and lose confidence in many aspects of their daily lives. Depressed people lose interest in their environment.

BP Testing Checking a blood pressure


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :
Often Unrecognised Symptoms of Paill Spectrum in Depressed Patients include:


In the Paill Spectrum model, mood volatility and irritability are an important symptom of the progression of the disease. Again, the only persons often realizing that there are problems, are the family members and relatives of the affected person. Sometimes , if it is the boss affected, of course everyone knows about the irritability. Personality issues are very important in the assessment of this symptom. Irritability is a much more important symptom if found in a placid personality type.
(Enneagram (Synonyms: Annaegram, Ennaegram, Anagram, Anaegram, Annaegram).)


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : All these symptoms are expected in the Paill Spectrum model. They may precede , accompany, follow or occur independently of a depression:
Short little episodes of panics or jitters
Failing relationships
Impulsive behaviour
Distorted memories
These symptoms are all markers for a disease that may be affecting a person's life. Many of these symptoms only become obvious when they are looked for over a time frame of decades.


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :
Short little episodes of panics or jitters
Often lasting only seconds, then disappearing for prolonged periods.
The standard depression model accepts that people can become anxious or get the jitters.

But, the Paill Spectrum model says that even short little bursts of jitters (seconds long), are an important marker of the Paill Spectrum disease process. These jitters will often precede the appearance of the depression proper, by many months or years. People almost never worry about the mild jitters as they go away very readily and never seem to cause much disturbance in letting people get on with their lives. 

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Failing relationships:
The partners of these people often think they are mad, as the depressed people develop intense fixations on particular ideas or beliefs.  These beliefs are inconsolable and are often unable to be changed by discussions with people around them.  They can be quite divorced from an understanding of life, such as “real men always watch the news. You can't be a real man unless you sit and watch TV and watch the news. (Many people live their lives in many different ways and what is important for one person may have no value at all to another. Still, the intensely held belief arises as if from nowhere).

There are a number of people who have a failed relationship and say it is because their partner is mad. Friends and carers look at these people with sympathy, never often realizing the vein of truth in the statement. Their partner may in fact have some fixed ideas that are unusual enough to be called mad by many others.

Irritability also contributes substantially to relationship problems and often precedes the appearance of a depression by quite some time. The Paill Spectrum model would predict this, while the standard model would say it is just some personality issues as there is nothing wrong with the person, yet. 

A person with just irritability as a symptom, is likely heading for depression or worse in the Paill Spectrum disease model.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Impulsive behaviour: stupid things done for stupid reasons, occasionally causing harmful social or legal consequences.

A serious late symptom of Paill Spectrum depression is distorted memories: The affected person remembers things. People who know the person well, realise that the things the patients are saying they remember, are quite untrue. This symptom typically occurs only in elderly adult patients. Distorted memories can occur independently of mood changes, but will of course always be found in association with other PaillSpectrum symptoms, signs or blood test changes. 


Spelling and Memory Issues Spelling is affected by Paill Spectrum via effects on memory and on Speech Symbol Processing ( Alphabet character misrecognition).

Issues with Maths Maths is a group of complex abstract processing skills.


Sunset on our Syndrome Sunset on the world.

Goo Goo: And when the world is done, all the thoughts and deeds and words of men may be as writings in the sand.