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Disease Overlays

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : What Changes the Clinical Presentation of these Illnesses?
Many of these symptoms develop with and are more obvious in long-term illness. 
The symptoms are quite variable and there are substantial personality overlays.  Some people have aggressive personalities (Annaegrams, Ennaegrams) that present with very different behaviours to others. 


Understanding the enneagram is critical to understanding personality and behaviour. Behaviours that are normal for one personality may be very unusual in other personalities.

So different patients can begin to look quite different. Some may be aggressive, some apathetic, some have more loss of confidence and others can become unexpectedly irritable, simply based on the personality overlaying the medical illness. (I.e. Paill Spectrum infection).
Personality typing people is important as it allows doctors to consider symptoms that may be inconsistent with the personality type. I.e. These symptoms should not be seen in a person with this type of personality, and therefore must have arisen for a reason. Perhaps even a Paill Spectrum reason.

In summary, assessing just how sick people are, depends on a number of factors. The extent and number of Paill Spectrum symptoms, blood test results and very basic factors like the personality of the people involved. Personalities like the "4" (tragic romantic), on the Enneagram are much more likely to "be" their disease. 

This patient experiences attacks of "Anxious Depression". This complex history shows the appearance of symptoms of Paill Spectrum such as headaches and the typical sore spots over many years. Paill Spectrum treatment resolves the symptoms. She relapses many months after ceasing treatment, a typical Paill Spectrum scenario.


Blessed with No Anxiety Opposite of Anxious